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It never ceases to amaze me how brilliant our politicians like Reps. Pat Grassley, Sandy Salmon, Walt Rogers, and Linda Upmeyer think they become once they are elected to the Legislature and go down to Des Moines.

They know the way to build a skilled work force is to cut money for community colleges.

They know utility energy efficient programs that save consumers money are a waste.

They know how to cut state income until the state is rich.

They know that tax gifts to the rich stimulate growth and the middle class loves to be trickled on.

They know the way to incentivize the rich is to give them more money, and the way to incentivize the poor is to take it away.

They know cutting access to birth control reduces abortion.

They know more than philosophers, theologians and microbiologists when life begins.

They know the exact moment when an egg becomes a chicken and an acorn becomes an oak tree.

They know more than teachers about testing kids and more than doctors about treating patients.

They know voter impersonation is the real threat, not Russian hacking.

They know abused public employees will work harder.

They know better than the Supreme Court whether laws are Constitutional.

They know Iowans want reduced patient care and big corporate profits from privatized Medicaid.

They know just what kind of eggs should be in my grocery.

They know public money from all should pay for private school for some.

They know climate change is a hoax and professional wrestling is real.

I wish I were a legislator, then I’d become a genius too. With the thoughts I’d be thinkin’, I could be another Lincoln.

David Mansheim, Parkersburg


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