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Citizens of Mason City: Nov. 7 might be our last chance in a long time to vote for positive change in Mason City! This is the date to vote on the referendum to either approve/disapprove development to Downtown Mason City through the River City Renaissance Project. If we do not vote yes on Nov. 7, who knows when/if we will be given another opportunity to claim millions in state funds through the Iowa Reinvestment Act to improve our downtown and our city.

Whether one agrees or not with the mall being built downtown, it is time to move on. The mall is here, and we need to decide how to make the best of it and use it to help improve our downtown. Will we choose to turn down millions in state funds through the Iowa Reinvestment Act because we weren’t in favor of the mall being built here 30 years ago or because we fear our property taxes will increase?

The River City Renaissance Project will bring many more positives than negatives to our great city. Besides new and enhanced community amenities, entertainment, and conventions to bring visitors in, the project will bring new economic development (attract new business/industry) and new jobs! Visitor spending in Mason City will bring new revenue which will mean more savings for Mason City households. The addition of new restaurants, hotels and businesses will bring even more tax avoidance. Repurposing the mall to a vibrant state will save citizens money on property taxes.

Let’s all come together on Nov. 7 and vote yes! This might be our last chance to effect such positive change for Mason City!

Cindy Boender, Mason City

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