A jury convicts a man of murder because he shot through his apartment door and accidentally killed someone he thought was breaking it but turned out to be an innocent person. Based upon what I've read, it does sound like an accident, but it doesn't sound like murder. If the citizen had been a police officer, he'd have gotten a paid vacation instead of trial and prison!

Nowadays, during jury selection, they overly screen out and dismiss any who indicate a knowledge of their Constitutional rights, so they end up with intimidated puppets (bound by a bunch of technicalities and legal mumbo-jumbo) willing to feed the defendant to the lions to satisfy the prosecution system.

Jurors have a right to judge law as well as facts, but no judge or prosecutors want jurors to know that.

The state of New Hampshire (the Freedom State - no seat belt law for adults, and they have a lower fatality rate per mile of travel than seat-belt Iowa has) enacted a law to require their courts to remind jurors of their Constitutional right to put the law on trial as well as the defendant. This is something our power-hungry officials here in Iowa don't want to happen.

Herman Lenz, Sumner