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RE: John Rasmussen of California's letter of Jan. 19 ("Iowa has changed for the worse). I don't quite understand if your tie to Iowa is solely at Iowa City, why you wrote to a paper in north central Iowa. In any case, if you subscribed to the Globe-Gazette, you would not have made so many misstatements.

Quality of Life: Iowa is ranked No. 4 for retirees; California is No. 15.

Education: from 2008-16 factoring inflation, Iowa increased public education spending by 20.6 percent. We lead the nation in high school graduation rates.

Public Safety: Iowa is 43rd in murder rates; Cal is 26th with more than double our rate of homicides.

Public debt: California's is nearly $4,000 per resident, Iowa is less than $2,000. Also unlike debt-ridden & high tax California, our Legislature is bound to spend no more than 99 percent of income; when low crop prices caused a precipitous drop in income, we had access to our 'rainy day' fund.

And Iowa's Medicaid funding does not force a victim of rape or incest to carry a pregnancy to term.

Lastly, if you're a veteran, our "Home Base Iowa" program is considered a national leader for Vet's looking for a friendly state to live in!

Gerald Edgar, Garner


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