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I grew up in Mason City, have lived in many parts of our country, and realize how blessed we are to have a great place like Mason City to call home. However, our population is declining and we are experiencing negative trends, so I truly think we have a tremendous (once in our lifetime) opportunity in front of us, to vote Nov. 7 to significantly enhance our downtown. Please vote yes to support the future of our home town.

Being a very positive person, I always try to visualize the good side of everything. Take a moment and close your eyes and imagine our downtown in five to 10 years, if the project gets our votes. I imagine a prosperous, wonderful downtown that all residents will want to visit a couple times a week, North Iowa organizations will be holding their conventions, many events being held at the multi-use rec center, and it will be a destination spot for tourists with more shops, restaurants, attractions, and events. Imagine spending a couple of hours downtown hearing great music, smelling great food coming out of new restaurants and bars, shopping at new boutique shops, and even having some fun places to get sweets. Locals and tourists spending their dollars downtown will all result in more jobs.

I have talked to developers and investors, and they have stated they will not risk their money with future new developments and renovations downtown if this project doesn’t get approved. Also, I have recently been documenting and videotaping many of the positive aspects of our area at to help with promoting Mason City and trying to encourage people to relocate here.

Let’s all support the future well being of our great Midwest community that we want many others to visit and make home!

Brian Randall, Mason City


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