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I would sincerely appreciate all the voters in Ward 4 who have supported me in two elections for the Mason City Parks and Recreation Board to cast your vote for Matt Marquardt for the Ward 4 City Council seat on Dec. 5.

Matt will listen and be responsive to all citizens. He will work diligently for economic development (jobs).

Matt has tremendous leadership ability. He will not go along to get along; he will make good, sound decisions on agenda items that come before him, and in his mind will be best for our find city and our citizens.

Matt will be a huge asset to our mayor, fellow City Council members, city staff and most importantly to Mason City citizens.

I ask you to please contact your neighbors, friends, business associates and family to vote for Matt in Ward 4.

Please cast your vote for Matt Marquardt to be the Ward 4 City Council representative on Dec. 5.

Don Nelson, Mason City


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