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My mind drifts back to the presidential campaign of 1972 when I was a young boy. There were many contenders in the race, but two would surge to the forefront: Richard Nixon and George McGovern.

McGovern was the democratic hopeful. He believed in the immediate pull out of the war in Vietnam. He wanted amnesty for draft-dodgers and deserters. He wanted tax cuts for middle income Americans. In short, he was as close to a Democratic socialist as you could get in 1972. He was ultimately brought down by a poor choice for vice president.

Nixon was already under investigation for his role in the Watergate break-in. Running on a conservative platform, he whipped up a rabid following, even though there was strong evidence building that he was a "crook," a charge he would vehemently deny. His followers chose to ignore the evidence and Nixon was elected for a second term.

Fast forward to 2016. We had two choices in our presidential election, neither of them were worthy of our vote. Hillary looked as crooked as Nixon, and Trump filled his rabid followers with rhetoric that sounded like it came from the mouth of an inexperienced 14-year-old boy.

The election was Hillary’s to lose, and lose she did. She was brought down under the weight of her husband’s scandals as well as her own poor judgement.

Scandal after scandal and a propensity for making false statements and grandiose plans wouldn’t keep Trump out of the White House. Haven’t we heard this story before?

All in all, America has been sold a bill of goods, and was left with only two choices, very bad choices, to lead this nation and the free world. All we can do now is hunker down and wait for 2020, hoping history will not repeat itself.

Paul Barenthin, Northwood

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