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The Republican Party, lead by Donald Trump, were and are willing to:

• Give large tax breaks to the top 1 percent of Americans, which sky rocketed the national debt, while denying pay raises to federal employees. Have you heard our Republican governor, senators or House members rebuke this? No.

• Allow so-called health insurance policies to be sold without knowing what will, or will not be covered. And to legally allow discrimination towards those persons who have health issues.

• Deny Medicaid patients the care they so desperately need. Deny adequate reimbursement to healthcare providers for their services due to Medicaid privatization. Medicaid privatization was done as a cost saving measure. But Gov. Reynolds can't show us the numbers that she has actually saved our state money. This so-called saving was done at the expense of health care services to Iowa families.

• Allowing alternative facts known to be false to serve the purpose of their political cause.

• Cast aside American values, principles and ideals, while watching Mr. Trump show lack of respect towards John McCain, and veterans in general. All the while Republicans being too afraid to speak out against this kind of behavior.

Please consider voting for the Democrats values:

• Honesty, truthfulness, respect and inclusiveness.

• Health care for all without discrimination.

• Equitable taxation the puts people first over corporations.

• Immigration reform done in a humane fashion.

• Where care for Iowans and our environment takes precedence over profits.

• Providing adequate resources/funding for our public schools to ensure a stable and 21st century education for all Iowa children.

As for our local elections, I support Connie Price for House Representative District 8, as she believes in all of the above democratic values. Please vote on Nov. 6.

Lissa Holloway, Britt

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