The Republican-controlled legislature wants to amend our Iowa Constitution to say that Iowa will no longer protect or guarantee the right to an abortion nor will it grant funding for any abortion. (Senate Joint Resolution 9) I am alarmed and angry. You should be, too.

Having read about extreme abortion policies/laws in two countries, China and Romania, I know that attempting to either legislate abortion away or to mandate it doesn't work.

In our country that boasts about freedom, the right to ownership of one's body ought to be a given. Therefore, decisions to have an abortion ought to be made solely by the female, her faith, her physician, and family and friends she loves and trusts. Not by legislators.

The “pro-lifers” promote their position by offering support through the pregnancy but also attempt to make it difficult for a woman who decides to obtain an abortion. The “pro choice” folks have offered any assistance the pregnant woman feels she needs.

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If minimizing abortion rates is the goal, then the solution is not an amendment to our Constitution but a compromise in the area of prevention and contraception. Expand and improve sex education in schools; include forums with presentations and frank discussions by the medical community, the clergy, parents, state politicians (if possible), and teachers. Make sure contraception is accessible, affordable or free – even in our high schools.

Please contact your state senator and representative now and tell them that amending our Constitution is no solution to this issue.

Johanna Anderson, Osage

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