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The CBO is a partisan joke.

Now they’re claiming the provision in the Senate bill repealing the unconstitutional individual mandate to purchase health insurance will mean 13 million people will lose coverage. (Gasp! What did they do before Democrats forced this down our throats?)

But, according to the Supreme Court (after unconstitutionally re-writing the law), the mandate to purchase health insurance is a tax for failure to have coverage (that’s not what the law actually says, but who are we to argue with unelected, elitist Supreme Court Chief Justices?).

So the mandate does not require you to purchase coverage. It just assesses a penalty or fine (not a “tax”) for failure to have coverage. For those of you that love big government, that means if someone has paid the penalty or fine ("tax"), it's for making a personal decision about your health care, not because you didn’t do as the government told you.

As is typical with “progressive” attempts to micro-manage your life through elitist academic “brilliance,” the individual mandate overwhelmingly hurts lower-income Americans who pay the penalty for being uninsured.

So what happens if the mandate is flushed?

According to the infamous, elitist, Obummercare brainiac, Jonathan Gruber, in a 2016 New England Journal of Medicine article, there’s no real-world evidence the individual mandate is having anywhere near the effect the CBO thinks it is.

Over the last two years, CBO has routinely overestimated the increase in coverage Obummercare will generate. And this month, real numbers have forced them to downgrade their estimates of the mandate’s impact.

Scrapping the unconstitutional tax/penalty/fine/mandate from an already imploding Democrat boondoggle will remove financial burdens from lower income people and working self-employed businesses owners that choose to exercise their right to decide what’s best for their health care themselves.

Michael Fiala, Clear Lake

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