While I respect Bill Shickel as a person and while reading his personal message to voters that he hands out while door knocking, something caught my eye. He says in his personal message to voters that he wants to give a voice to ordinary citizens.

The reason this caught my eye is because, during his past service as mayor, a state representative, and a member of the city council, it seems he has done anything but give a voice to the ordinary people of Mason City. It seems to me Mr. Shickel wants to serve all sides of the issues, and will go wherever the political winds seem to be aimed. He has made a life-long career of being a politician, but has very little to show for it.

With all due respect, I think Mason City is sick of the same political figures speaking the same empty rhetoric. That is why, as a younger voter, I think Mason City should give Colleen Niedermayer a shot. Mason City needs fresh faces in our local government, not the same old same old.

Jonathan Wilder, Mason City