1. Global warming: the government admits it is trying to cool down the planet. Enough is enough. We're freezing!

2. People are bigger. Cars are bigger. Parking spaces stay the same.

3. "Glacier is disappearing" (Globe Gazette, March 6). It says 20,000 years ago Chicago was encased in ice 3,000 feet thick. Really? Where do they come up with stuff like that? The whole article is so far-fetched it is unbelievable. The Earth is about 6,000 years old if you study the Bible.

4. Why isn't there a sign on Highway 106 on the corner that leads to the Avenue of the Saints?

5. Who dumped tires on my gravel road? Why should I have to deal with your garbage? Who dumped a garbage bag with dead fish parts on my road? I walk my dog; she shouldn't have that garbage. I had to clean up your mess so my dog wouldn't get sick.

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6. Isn't there a law that says when it is snowing, raining or foggy, that you're supposed to drive with headlights on? So many don't. They can see me, but I can't see them.

7. Why do we need a developer for downtown? Don't we have local architects? If we really need a hotel there, use the Younker's store. Build the rooms up. Use the main floor for the lobby – with little coffee shops, sandwich shops, gift shops, deli – around the edges. Big lobby area with couches, internet access, etc. The train station in Denver, Colorado was like that, and it was really neat.

8. A lot of people never go downtown. They go through town on the highway. The medians are ugly. Either plant grass and maybe small trees or really beautiful with plans. Go down Fleur Drive in Des Moines – beautiful.

Joyce Pinke, Clear Lake

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