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Question asked "Should former FBI confession be made public?" Yes, indeed. If Trump isn't guilty, why does he fire so many, or they resign of his own party, and blames it on Democrats?

Why not go back to the vote of the people? Electoral votes are not true, as many absentee ballots are not counted.

Another thing, the tax. The big money people pay the lowest tax, the lowest income people pay most. Not fair. Government has lost over $1 trillion and deepest debt ever. I can't trust Republicans any more.

Drugs, sexual immorality, killings, storms, diseases, man-made rules... aren't they all Jesus' prophecies before His coming for His bride?

Noah's flood was true; bones found in Earth today are proof. Israel is a nation; land is theirs, not the Philistines, as they claim.

Our main concern is: How is our faith in God and Jesus? Do you know him as the savior, living for Him and telling others about Him? Are you ready to meet Him should he come today, to meet Him in the air?

This isn't to be pushed aside. It's a serious decision to be made today.

That day, no one knows, only God. No matter how good or how bad, Jesus loves you the same. He gave His life for you, is risen from the tomb, ascended into heaven, and is coming again.

The only way to heaven? Call upon him today.

Delphia Foell, Sheffield

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