In response to Nancy Kelsey's letter ("Ahem... Rudd is great community," Feb. 7), apparently she suffers from small-town paranoia, or needs to take a class in interpretive reading 101.

I never said anything about "Rudd being unfit to have Trump as their mayor." What I did say was that "Trump was not fit to be mayor of Rudd", that is, he is not good enough for a small town like Rudd.

I grew up in a town smaller than Rudd, and I have known people in Rudd as well as other many small towns. So, apology accepted.

You are correct about one thing: I do have a very negative attitude toward Trump. He is a psychotic narcissist rivaled by none other we have ever seen. He is also a psychotic liar and probably lies even to himself. He associates with criminals and expects them to bite the bullet for him. The Mueller report will trip the guillotine.

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Is Trump even a success in business? Check these out: Trump Airlines, turned over to creditors after three years; Trump Vodka, 2006-2011, shut down from lack of interest; Trump casinos (three), Atlantic City, bankrupt four times; Trump Magazine, closed a year-and-a-half after launch; Trump Steaks 2007-2012, Trump Steakhouse in Vegas closed down for 51 health code violations; GoTrump.com luxury travel search engine launched 2006, closed a year later; Trump University, opened 2005 and closed 2010, N.Y. Attorney General sued for $40 million in 2013 for defrauding students; Trump Mortgage, launched 2006 with Trump claiming, "Who knows more about financing than me?" and it shut down a year-and-a-half later.

Trump claimed more recently, "Nobody knows more about technology than me." Really? He doesn't even know how to send an email, the twerp just tweets. He could ruin this great nation!

Steve Epperly, Mason City

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