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U.S. Rep. Rod Blum ripped a page straight from President Trump’s playbook when news broke that the two-term Republican is under investigation by the House Committee on Ethics: He lashed out at his opponent — and news outlets for reporting the story.

Democrats and the media aren’t to blame for the Blum's ethical shortcomings any more than politics played a role in the decision to open an investigation.

The case was referred by the Office of Congressional Ethics, an independent and nonpartisan panel that reviews allegations of misconduct by members of Congress. The House Committee on Ethics, which agreed that Blum’s actions warranted further investigation, is similarly balanced. The committee has an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, with a representative from Blum’s own party serving in the top post as chair.

Blum accused his opponent and other Democrats of waging "a crusade of personal destruction on me and other principled leaders working to drain the swamp in Washington — this is the Swamp fighting back."

He also attacked the media for simply doing their job by covering the story: “Still, the complicit media continues to take its cues from the Democratic party and they work to make mountains out of molehills in order to deliver an election scandal headline.”

No, Representative. For all your bullying and misdirected finger-pointing, this is the House Committee on Ethics holding you accountable for your own misdeeds.

The Ethics committee won't announce its findings, including any penalties, until December. First District voters will have an opportunity to make their voices heard before that, on election day.

Cynthia Moothart, Minneapolis

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