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Poor liberal democrats, you've overplayed your hand and you're losing badly.

The more they talk about Stormy, the more they turn off Americans.

Want to watch liberals lose their minds? Tell them that President Trump is about to win the Nobel Peace Prize. That he's actually earned as opposed to President Obama, who got it for doing nothing.

Isn't that a hoot?

The good news keeps coming for Trump. The economy is booming. Last week it was reported unemployment fell below 4 percent, the lowest since 2000. ADP also reported that in April U.S. Private Companies added more than 200,000 jobs for the fifth month in a row.

Obama bragged nonstop about quantity, never mentioning that his job growth consisted mostly of crappy, low-wage, part-time jobs that required food stamps to survive. Trump's new jobs are great jobs. Manufacturing, mining, and professional service jobs led the way in the April report. Over the past 12 months, manufacturing has added 245,000 high wage jobs.

The Democrats response? Bring up Stormy the porn star. It's all liberals want to talk about. CNN and MSNBC have given Stormy wall-to-wall coverage for the past two months.

The result? Trump and the GOP are exploding in the polls. Blue wave in November? Not anymore. This obsession with Stormy is a disaster for Democrats.

Most recent polls show Trump at a robust 51 percent approval at Rasmussen. Far above where he was on Election Day, and also far above where Obama was at the same time in his presidency.

So here's my message for Democrats: Please keep talking about Stormy. Ignore jobs. Ignore the economy. Ignore the tragedy of Obamacare. Ignore illegal immigration. Make it all about Stormy 24/7.

Pat Ropella, Mason City


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