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To the Iowa 4-H Youth Development Program:

For several years our family has given out a scholarship to a student from West Hancock. I’ve included a couple from this year for you to view. This will be the last year based on membership in 4H. I got a lot out of FFA back when I was in school and my daughter the same with 4H. Once you caved to the gay lobby you lost my support. I’m done being told what I have to accept.

Next year’s application will be open to all kids with one simple question.

Pick two news stories that are currently hot topics and write me an opinion on each.

Far too long I have given my money to students without looking at their world view. I’m done. If all these special interest groups want to shape the world in their view I see no reason for me to fund them. I’ll fund students who think like me. I’ll be damn if I’ll write a check to a student I might see on TV protest what I believe in, be it the LGBT issue or the right to keep and bear arms.

John Johnson, Britt


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