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Saturday afternoon on March 24 at 5 p.m. or so, I decided to mail several letters and cards at the Mason City Post Office drive-through mailbox. The snowfall had stopped at noon, so I figured it was safe to do errands.

As I drove into the drive through entry, my car stopped, just stopped, with the engine still running. All of a sudden three men angels appeared, one with a shovel, the other two with muscles. After moving as much snow as they could, they tried to get me to move the car, by going back and forth, from reverse to drive, over and over. Then I heard one say, "It's bottomed out!", which didn't sound to good to me.

The others agreed to that announcement. I gave my AAA card to one who knew how to use my cell phone, which my anxiety had cancelled. As he was talking with a representative, along came the fourth angel in a large pick-up truck. He got out and in the real view mirror I could see he was holding a yellow cable line. He came closer and asked if he could try to pull my car out.

By that time I was ready for another helper. He hooked the cable to my car's back bumper and his truck and, lo and behold, I was finding my car and I going backwards down the street a few feet. I was so thankful to the four angels who stayed to help a white haired female who'd bottomed out at the post office.

We can count on Iowa men/women to help each other in need. And angels are with us.

Zoe Hugo, Mason City


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