If you don’t know it’s happening, does that mean it doesn’t exist? Of course not. But, this seems to be the desired outcome of Iowa’s “ag-gag” law that went into effect in 2012 and was recently struck down by a federal judge earlier this year.

Now, the Iowa Legislature is considering two bills that would revive key components of the original ag-gag law. What is ag-gag? It’s a restriction law that penalizes whistleblowers who report animal abuse, torture or neglect by using audio, photo or video evidence they have recorded.

In Iowa, there are currently over 17,500 dogs living a life of confinement in puppy mills. We have all seen pictures of the horrifying and inhumane conditions many of these dogs are subjected to day in and day out. Yet, it is likely that many of these photos exposing the truth about puppy mills were taken illegally under Iowa’s previous ag-gag laws.

The attempt to renew this unconstitutional law will once again pull the shade on Iowa’s puppy mill industry and allow inhumane treatment, injuries and suffering to continue unreported and unseen by the public.

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Whether you see it or not, animal cruelty exists. Recorded evidence exposes this truth and the truth always prevails. Iowans need to advocate for those without a voice and without freedom. Please urge your Legislators to oppose SF519 and HF649.

17,500 dogs are counting on you.

Sybil Soukup, Mason City

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