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Democrats blame Republicans for anything: Letter

Democrats blame Republicans for anything: Letter

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Democrats blame Republicans for anything, everything

Sweet it would be if Democratic leaders honored their party name.

They blame Republicans for all wrong ... even coronavirus.

The president can do nothing proper. Puts any president in a bad way. He can only tell the world of Democrats’ faults.

Democratic leaders want no needed wall, open borders free for all.

The world will know the United States is in favor of abortion.

This coming election will tell if the United States is great ... or did it fall.

Webster Orton, Algona

Americans can’t let beloved nation be run by dictator

I don’t know how many Americans could want our beloved country to become a Russian-like country, run by a dictator. We will no longer be a democracy if he becomes president for another four years.

I just wish all “Fox” (the propaganda network) lovers would listen to any other news network. You would realize all other networks have the same (factual) news. They can’t all be fake news reporters.

He is a criminal, along with most of his administration. His own sister and his niece pretty much say the same things. The Republican Party is now “Trump’s” party.

To Sally Christenson, when Obama left office unemployment was 4 percent. Under Trump it is between 10 percent and 14 percent. Do the math!! Concerning the virus, this administration knew about it back in December and our failed leader did nothing, but kept it under wrap. If he had mandated “masks” and “social distancing” we would not have the death toll. He’s rotten to the core and doesn’t care about the deaths. The deaths are mostly the elderly and people of color.

Wake up! He doesn’t care. Most of all, he’s trying to steal the election by what he’s doing to the USPS. He lies every day and was “fact-checked” during his 70 minute RNC speech. He lied 20 times.

Biden is our moral compass. We need adult leadership. Does is make you Trumpers feel good that USA is the laughing stock of the world. This great country is pitied. How does that as an American make you feel? It makes me angry.

Karen Weber, Charles City

Uncivil war ahead if we can’t get along

Some of us might very well agree that the ONLY thing Congress has accomplished these past four years was to make sure that the “other side” didn’t accomplished anything. Is that what they have been sent to do ?

I am deeply troubled about the dramatic division and hatred in our country. I have read “Let not your heart be troubled.” But HOW with all this hate, division and destruction all around us.

I CAN see that “you” have deep convictions and differing opinions. I respect your right to have them.

When I was young, studying the history of our Nation, I could not understand how the “Civil War” could ever have happened here in our beloved land.

However, I am beginning to understand.

Do you believe it is possible to live together peacefully without hate, riots and destruction?

Can we EVER learn to agree to disagree?

Are you willing?

If not, I am afraid we are traveling down a path that could lead to another UN-Civil War.

Bonnie Schmidt, Clear Lake

Gold old USA at stake in this election

Was very interesting to read the Sept. 2 guest column by former Globe editor Mr. Buttweiler. He started out by setting the stage to make us believe he is an independent. Reading the article disproves this statement and I remember as to his editor days at the Globe he was an independent Democrat at that time also!

The heading, “Time for Politics as usual is past,” I think we can all agree as to how the three major networks and most daily papers have a rebuttal to anything President Trump has said while reporting that the protests in America are peaceful. I said reporting — no they are not reporters, but opinion makers. The 1950’s and 60’s we watched anchor newsmen as Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Edward R. Morrow, etc., report the event news without adding their personal additions.

American gov’t needs term limits. Mr. Trump was elected to “drain the swamp.” Trump was not a member of the established political crowd. Republicans, Democrats and the media have hated him from day one as he does not march to their drum beat. Joe Biden is mired pretty deep in this mud, called the “swamp,” having been in politics for 40-plus years. The media and the politicians have created a dam high enough that the swamp will not be drained without term limits.

This is a very important election. A leftwing Democrat government will change the America we grew up in and the land we love will be gone forever. We are not perfect, however, mankind from around the world desire to live in the good old USA.

Wayne Rietema, Kanawha


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