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Coronavirus part of the end times: Letter

The coronavirus has hit the world like a surprise. People are wondering if we are living in the last days. I believe we are. People are buying Bibles and studying Revelation. People want to know what is happening.

People come into my story, Health Country, asking questions: Are we in the plagues? Not yet. Are we in the pale horse? No, the horses are history. People do not understand the 7 churches, 7 seals and 7 trumpets. They think that first there will be 7 churches and then Christians will be raptured away, then the 7 seals and the 7 trumpets. Not true. The 7 churches, seals and trumpets come simultaneously. The churches are church history, the seals are social history and trumpets are military history. You can't separate them!

So, we are in the last church, Laodecia (lukewarm), the last seal and the last trumpet. We are truly living in the last days, the end times. Time to get to know and love Jesus, who died for you. And then share with others that Jesus is coming soon and it is time to wake up. We will not be raptured away. Noah wasn't, Daniel wasn't, the 3 Hebrews weren't. But God took care of them and he will take care of you! Learn to trust God now!

Joyce Pinke, Clear Lake


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