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Claims of election fraud were not 'baseless:' Letter

Since the 2020 election on Nov. 3, I have followed allegations of irregularities in the voting process and certified tallies with an obsessive and single-minded goal of finding the truth of what happened on election day and the weeks leading up to and after. At this time, I have watched hundreds of hours of sworn witness testimony, legislative hearings at the federal and state levels, court proceedings, and mathematical analysis of statistical anomalies so dryly boring and technical only genuinely truth-seeking lawyers, accountants, and engineers could possibly have the stomach for it. Now that the results of the Arizona audit have been public information for the last month, I am publicly writing to the Globe Gazette publishing staff to request a retraction and apology for the many articles that have appeared in a reliable local paper expressing the sentiment that those of us preoccupied with election audits and investigations into criminal activity connected with the 2020 election are chasing "baseless claims." Last December the bits of information in the many affidavits coalesced into a cognizable theory - cyber intrusions by our national enemies into our election infrastructure gave them the means to monitor and manipulate digital election data in real time which over the next week extended counting and certification process was converted into potentially hundreds of thousands even millions of fraudulent paper mail in votes backdated and shuffled in with the legitimate votes. Every day I get more sure that my doubt in the official result was justified and my theory has been correct. If I was alleging that the DNC, mainstream media, China, et al were engaged in an organized criminal enterprise to oust President Trump, well, calling me a "conspiracy theorist" would hardly be enough to discredit my RICO case now wouldn't it?

Ryan Schupick, Mason City


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