In response to Pat Ropella's letter recently; she was concerned about the Democrats and their ignorant rhetoric toward our commander in chief.

The young white man drove over 10 hours to El Paso and deliberately killed innocent Hispanics. He had written his feelings in a manifesto that he had hated Hispanic people since they were invading out country.

Our current president uses this rhetoric quite often. This man was not a Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders supporter; far from it. There have been over 20 mass shootings since President (I use this term lightly)Trump has been in office.

This is not a mental illness issue. The president and his party, especially Mitch McConnell, need to work across the aisle to find solutions to gun violence. Evil things happen all the time and evil has no boundaries. The democratic leaders are tired of Trump"s flip flopping rhetoric; lies and falsehoods. His trip to El Paso was a joke. Those citizens didn't want him there since his hatred ideologies promoted a catastrophic event. I believe the shooter was a white supremacist. It was a active domestic terrorist attack on our country.

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Finally, I hope the sale of assault weapons are banned for good. They are for the battlefield. We need better background checks and common gun laws. The United States Congress needs to work for the betterment of our country. Some of those politicians (McConnell) are up for re-election. Money from the NRA really talks.

Oh yeah: I can't wait to see if Putin comes to the next G7 summit slated to be held at his Mar-A-Lago. I hope all the world leaders get a discount. Oh I forgot: Trump's resort is going bankrupt. Remember he is a good businessman. Really? I am still waiting to see his tax returns.

Al Nickerson, Clear Lake

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