Bill's Family Foods

Sad choice of words for the headline announcement that HyVee was purchasing the Bill's Family Food Stores in Forest City and Garner. The best you could come up with is Bill's Family Foods to CLOSE On June 2nd? How SAD that you could not have lead that off by saying Korth Family retiring with 54 years of ownership, Hyvee BUYING out Bill's Family Foods, Change of ownership at Bill's, etc.

Why make it sound so negative? Why not promote the POSITIVE THINGS? There are lots of good news that could go with that story. Owner's RETIRE after 54 years, HyVee acquires Bill's Family Foods, New Grocery Store coming to Forest City and Garner.

Anything POSITIVE would have been better than what you chose to use.

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A glass half full kind of person,

Connie Hassebroek, Buffalo Center

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