Concerning the letter to the Editor in the July 24 paper by Ms. Dorenkamp: I wholeheartedly agree with the Globe not having much local news.

I have submitted as much before and having talked with the people of Mason City AND surrounding areas that it pretty much the consensus.

I must admit that the Globe has improved with it's inclusion of local news. When it was first taken over, all we read about was a bull being loose in someplace like Virginia or a fire in Cedar Rapids. News maybe, but not so for people of Mason City. Don't you wonder why your subscriptions have tanked in the last year? Nothing to read about.

I have a suggestion to the Publisher and Editor: Why don't you put out a survey to your customers (that are left) and see what they want to read in the paper. It may list something going on but doesn't include the time or place. We used to have at the top of page 2 activities going on that day. Now the activities listed on Thursday are just the usual Lime Creek, Music Man Square etc. If one want to join a club (who desperately needs new members) there is no place to find out anything. Contrary to popular belief we all do not have computers and if we do, choose not to have to look up items there.

And while I'm at it, I must agree with a letter writer that far too many mistakes are in the paper. I read a notice and it says, like "the only thing missing..." and it quits from there. Too many articles are not complete. Where did you all go to school?

Pat Blanchard, Mason City

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