I believe it is time we used our dictionary, and started to use the right descriptive words in our newspapers.

Webster describes an alien as one who is not a citizen of the country where he lives. An immigrant is a person coming into a country or region where one is not a native, in order to settle there.

Therefore, if a person is in our country illegally, they have broken our laws and deserve to be deported without delay. And, in the vast majority of cases, when that person crossed the border, they knew they were in violation of our laws and became at the mercy of the laws that prohibit illegal entry.

Further information concerning those being held on our southern borders, they can return to Mexico just by telling the people in charge that they want to return to Mexico. They will be bused to the border immediately, no questions asked. 

Realize these illegals are criminals and deserve the consequences.

Sam Sneed, Greene

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