Letter: Trump's 'stupidity and obstinancy' could endanger us all

Letter: Trump's 'stupidity and obstinancy' could endanger us all

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In reading some of the letters of Leo the Great, I came across this observation: "There is nothing worse than stupidity and obstinancy."

The decision of Donald Trump to withdraw our troops from Syria and the consequences of his decision is proving to be an example of stupidity coupled with obstinancy. Apparently without consulting his military advisors nor the lackeys who surround him, he has shown his "great intellect," which has brought about the deaths of hundreds of Kurds, the release of hundreds of ISIS terrorists, and brought about among our allies the question if American can be trusted. 

After all, we have abandoned our ally, the Kurds, and Trump's lying (1,300 so far and counting) should cause any foreign power to wonder about Trump's stability. Trump seems to attach no weight to his reckless decision and what is worse, many still support him. It seems that he is unblushingly and shamefully attacking our democracy and the truth. Why? Who knows. Perhaps in his "great intellect" he knows what is best for everyone. 

In a way, he's like the Wizard of Oz.  When will the curtain that he hides behind be stripped away before his obstinancy and stupidity for endangers all of us.

R. V. Schnucker, Parkersburg


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