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U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley opens the town meeting held at Waldorf University on July 1.

Each year Chuck Grassley visits each of the state’s 99 counties. He’s done it for 39 years now. This year, when Grassley visited Forest City, the headline in the paper read “Grassley disappoints at town meeting.” But for me, it was the newspaper that disappointed with its coverage.

There were a small handful of folks ready to stir the pot on their pet political issues. They came to complain, which is fine so long as they’re polite. But there were just as many positive comments and earnest questions from constituents.

Senator Grassley, as he always does, let the audience set the agenda. He took questions on any topic and gave a fulsome and substance-filled answer to each one. People brought up a range of topics, from trade to the cost of medications. Grassley handled the meeting beautifully, despite some of the rude behavior from that handful of pot-stirrers and attention-seekers.

Unfortunately, those were the attendees that got the spotlight. Because they were dissatisfied or disagreed with the senator, they caused a ruckus and got the attention.

There were plenty of supportive Iowans at the meeting—I was one of them. But you wouldn’t know that from reading the news.

Thankfully, Grassley will keep at it for our state. He’s a sensible Iowan and fights every day for sensible government. And he has fought on behalf of both Republicans and Democrats for their due.

Julie Kvale, Forest City

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