Grassley 1

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley opens the town meeting held at Waldorf University July 1.

Regarding the news article by Grace Zaplatynsky in the July 2 Globe Gazette: First of all, the headline (Grassley disappoints at town meeting) is an opinion, not a fact. Less than a quarter of the attendees felt that the southern border situation was the highest priority of this town hall meeting. We have elderly, veterans, unemployed and disabled citizens who desperately need help with medical care, food and housing. These citizens should take first priority, not migrants who do not respect our country's laws, nor the citizens of the U.S. A.

If anyone feels that migrants entering this country illegally have rights above that of our citizens, they need to go to the border, go through the process of sponsorship and personally provide for 100% of their needs for 10 years. Take a good look at the migrants via news clips -- these people are NOT dressed in rags, no one appears to be on the verge of starvation. I see them with iphones, Nike shoes, etc. You can dispute this if you want, but go to the border and see this for yourself.

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I have seen the effect of illegal crossings and their irresponsibility in caring for themselves and others and the disrespect they have for our country.

Louise Nath, Forest City

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