Yesterday when I was going to Mason City, I got up to the curve by State Park and there was a dead cat in the middle of the road.

We have had a cat come to our house almost every morning between 5 and 6 o'clock to eat. And we have grown to love him. He is so lovable and affectionate and stays sometimes but not very often. We have no idea who he belongs to or where he goes.

This cat in the road looked just like him so I stopped and picked him up. I was crying but I know several cars slowed down for me and a couple stopped. I really hoped someone would say they knew whose cat it was. But no one did.

We took him and buried with our other pets at our acreage north of Mason City. And then this morning, here was my Buster. And I was totally shocked. I am writing this because if someone who lost their pet sees this, I will talk to them about it.

The cat had four white feet and legs and some more white plus tiger color otherwise. And the white is bright white and always so clean.

I don't regret burying this cat but wanted to let the person he/she belonged to, to know. Please know it was buried with love.

Frances Tagesen, Clear Lake

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