Nov. 24, 1938. Salvation Army Thanksgiving party.

Ever since Mayor Schickel suggested I serve on the Salvation Army board, my eyes have been opened continually to all the good our local unit does.

I have watched as people down on their luck come for assistance, whether it’s for clothing or signing up for holiday food baskets. I’ve seen a hungry man stop in during our board meeting asking if he could get something to eat, and he was given a meal.

These are among the many ways the Salvation Army works miracles for those in need, with few questions asked.

This is the season you can help those miracles happen. The Red Kettle campaign funds many activities throughout the year. This year we’ve lost a major location with the closing of ShopKo. So if you have the time, please consider ringing the bells. It’s great fun with family, friends or by yourself. You can sign up at

And, of course, when you’re out and about, please consider dropping a donation in the kettle.

Remember, these donations are needed for operations all year. The need is significant. We hope you can give someone a miracle through your gift of time and money.

Happy holidays!

Tom Thoma, Salvation Army Board member

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