Although I’m a proponent of the death penalty, in that I believe evil people who commit evil acts should be put to death both as a deterrent to others who would think about committing evil acts, and justice for the victims and their families, I also can understand those who are against it.

As a person of Christian faith, we all believe abortion is an evil sin, that human life begins at conception, and murdering one of God’s most innocent children is pure evil. We as a country remain in large part a Christian nation, yet for 46 years now abortion has been legal in our country. That I cannot understand or accept. The fight to overturn Roe v Wade continues.

What I cannot also wrap my head around is any Christian who supports abortion. Also, surprisingly enough, many of these same people are against capital punishment and fight to outlaw it in every state.

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Some interesting statistics. Over 600,00 abortions are committed in our country every year according to the CDC, and that excludes the states such as California that don’t report their abortion numbers. Whereas in 2016 only 20 executions were conducted in the United States and only 5 states had them.  

One of our sons and his wife have looked into adopting a baby born in our country, and were basically informed there are no babies to adopt. Just think how much better our country would be if our government funded adoptions instead of abortions.

Pat Ropella, Mason City

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