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We support increased scrutiny of the Iowa Finance Authority planned through an independent review authorized and funded by the Legislature in the closing days of this year's session.

The IFA is in the spotlight following the firing of its executive director, David Jamison, by Gov. Kim Reynolds in March over what her office called "credible" allegations of sexual harassment.

The independent review will involve, according to the legislative authorization, "... investigation of the IFA related to revenues, expenses, and the personal conduct of current and former employees of the IFA."

A report to the Legislature is due on or before Dec. 1, according to the authorization.

The review is warranted, but we are concerned about the timeline for completion. Dec. 1 is, of course, after the election.

In Senate floor debate, Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen of Des Moines proposed language in the legislative authorization calling for a report on the review within 60 days.

"Are you wanting this to come after the election?" Petersen asked. "It's pretty clear you don't want taxpayers to know what's going on in the Iowa Finance Authority until well after the gubernatorial election."

We do not dismiss Petersen's words. A post-election deadline of Dec. 1 for the review looks suspicious.

Politics should play no part in how the IFA review proceeds. State leaders of both parties should push for as expeditious a report as possible. Sixty to 90 days does not strike us as unreasonable.

Iowans deserve nothing less.

Sioux City Journal, another Lee Enterprises publication, May 10.


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