We're eager for a new party to emerge for the River City Renaissance Project in Mason City.

On Tuesday, the Mason City Council terminated its development agreement with G8 to build a hotel as the key money-making portion of the redevelopment plan. After a hopeful summer, the city has hit the reset button on the $39 million project.

And that's OK.

The potential benefits for the community and commerce are too large to toss the plan aside. We've spent too much time (a meandering process approaching six years) and money (a frustrating taxpayer figure of about $1 million) to abandon it.

Hotel developer’s attorney threatens Mason City with lawsuit over default notice

A year ago, voters heavily approved the framework of the plan. The vision behind the project remains solid, and support within the community hasn't wavered. A developer who shares that vision is out there.

'Unclean hands' follow Mason City developer: Ongoing California suit cites same unethical action

Patience, which has been tested time and time again on this journey, is proving to be a strength for Mason City.

Make your vote easy

Election Day is Nov. 6, and strong turnout is expected nationwide and in Iowa. There are some ways to make that experience easier for you and the volunteers.

• If you're not registered, do so early. While you can do it at your polling site, the time to gather documents (photo ID and, if necessary, proof of residence) is now.

• Vote early. Long lines are expected at some voting stations, particularly at peak times.

• Seek legitimate answers. If you have questions about registering and the parameters set to fill in a ballot, visit with your county election officials or the Secretary of State's office. Your neighbor might be wrong, and social media likely will be. Go to the people who will actually be making those determinations.

All elections are important, but this one – with amplified tensions in Washington and Des Moines – feels more significant. Take care of your vote, and do it early.

Good games, events

The fall high school sports and activities schedule has just a few weeks remaining, and it's a good time to congratulate those students and coaches for representing their schools.

The time commitment isn't small for those involved, and the pride they displayed and effort given for their communities created lifetime memories.

Thank you, and congratulations.

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