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The Republicans in have consistently, over 64 times, voted to defund the Affordable Care Act brought forth by President Barack Obama and Congress. The ACA was signed into law March 23, 2010. Its repeal would cause a loss of coverage for over 32 million people and most certainly death to thousands.

The Republicans have also consistently supported the NRA, taking campaign money from their lobby, supporting the gun lobby’s efforts to avoid any assault weapon ban legislation. The Republicans bought by the NRA, have facilitated an unconscionable 432 mass killings over the past two years. The NRA also gave President 45, $30 million to get him elected.

Because of Republican legislative inaction and their happy acceptance of NRA plunder, we have a state like Nevada, a level three regulation state with regard to gun control, that allows the legal sale of machine guns. Machine guns! In 1999, Australia passed gun control legislation, and a buy-back program from owners of assault weapons. Since that legislation became successful, there have been virtually zero incidences of mass killings. But in this country, now even after the 59 dead and over 500 wounded in Las Vegas, the NRA-controlled Republican toadies won’t dare allow talk of comprehensive gun control.

Of course, we do not condone violence, but we must condemn violence and also point out what produced it. In 1984, Hollywood invented the tech-enhanced violent action movie, and a decade later, the typical child had seen 10,000 acts of TV mayhem by the age of 18. Now, video games promoting militarism and killing are ubiquitous. Generally, it is not extremists but extreme conditions.

We can ask, who lit the match, but we must discern why there was a fuse attached to the powder keg. Violence needs redefinition. It should mean anything that violates human dignity and human rights. Exploitation is the essence of violence, and its perpetrators can engage in it without ever drawing a knife and squeezing a trigger. After the exploitation becomes public the populace tends to be repelled by the bloodshed, rather than the injustice producing it. The media is of little help, with the tendency to sensationalize rather than analyze. It makes Americans’ inmates, in the prison houses of their own spirits.

Republicans are part of the patronage system of an evil oligarchy that is trying to divide America from its moral and mental defenses. They see things through the crystal waters of their own purchased delusions, while operating with a vapid solemn conceit of pretending to the public’s business. They all operate and facilitate a vainglorious system of conceit, deceit, debt and delusion.

The politically facilitated uphill financial climb of the wealthy, has accelerated the downward spiral of society as a whole, leading to vast widening inequality, heightened estrangement, and the moral amnesia that estrangement requires.

Background checks and the banning of assault weapons, to keep us safe, is one of our civil rights. The high and primary purpose of government, is to secure our inalienable rights. In the minds of our spiritual forebears, all else was secondary.

When the machinery of politics requires you to become an agent of injustice to others, you have forsaken yourself to people you are supposed to represent. Justice is the moral test of spirituality. Republicans don’t meet that test in any manner. They must be replaced, to see fulfilled the world around, all hopes for justice, so long and cruelly deferred.

Tim Duff is a writer, was born in Mason City and lives in Tonka Bay, Minnesota.


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