Have you ever stopped to wonder why the number of victim groups is increasing in America?

In a country that has given more rights to more people than any major power on earth, why are we bombarded daily with accusations of our racial and gender sins?

You are not a racist. I can also assuredly predict that, under any logical definition, you probably don’t have any friends who are racists. So why is racism one of the biggest and most important current issues in our nation?

If you are a man, you don’t hate women and demand that they remain second class persons. If you are a woman, you don’t hate white males. If you don’t, then where are all the rest who apparently do?

You don’t hate members of the LGBT “community.” Again, if you don’t, then who does, and why, in a tangential but relevant manner, is this a “community?”

For years, the far left has segregated people into four groups. There are the masses, victims, oppressors and saviors. It is the modern version of the old class dialectic. Everyone must belong to one of these groups.

Oppressors are those who oppress the victims. Pragmatically, these are anyone the far left does not like, but currently this group is composed mostly of older, white males. The masses are those who must be influenced and led. Students and some white women are examples. Victims are the oppressed. Saviors are, of course, the activists, politicians and journals who save the victims.

Saviors need victims. If they can’t find enough of them, they will create them, sometimes out of thin air.

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If you recognize this and speak out, you will be attacked and labelled as an oppressor. Since thought and language are related, the saviors have found it necessary to re-defined terms. “Hate” is now a word reserved for any opinion that is disliked by the saviors. Obviously, they cannot be saviors and condemn free speech, but they can censor and even use violence against “hate.”

The feminist writer Camille Paglia (who is no friend of Republicans) put it like this, “Democrats have become unctuous sentimentalist and Orwellian thought-police, abusing and deadening language with clichés and cant.”

But this “cant” has a purpose. It appears to be all about making this world an earthly paradise, but it is actually designed to consolidate power. The “victims” primarily are used as props. That is why the victims are never saved and can never go away. Paglia states, “To this day, leading Democrats constantly project a nauseating caricature of themselves as saintly Lady Bountifuls ministering to the helpless, pathetically grateful serfs.”

Several weeks ago, Trump, who is seen as the ultimate oppressor, called them out, suggesting that he would send illegal immigrants away from the border to sanctuary cites. The savior mayors howled in outrage. They couldn’t see any humor in this, and they didn’t want the victims in their cities. They wanted them down on the border creating a crisis that could only be solved by giving the saviors what they really want, more power.

The saviors appeal to the masses by demonstrating how compassionate and caring they are by doing… what? Talking about it. Castigating fictional oppressors. Pulling on the heartstrings and appealing to the egos of the masses.

But you will notice if you step back and take a clear view of all this that the victims remain victims. In fact, they are added to daily. Their numbers multiply and the evil that is our society gets darker by the day.

The masses need to understand that the saviors are not saving victims, they are consolidating power.

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Dennis Clayson is a business professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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