Clayson: ERA, Equality Act, immigration ... Everything is political

Clayson: ERA, Equality Act, immigration ... Everything is political

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Some who understand the political divide in America have identified one important difference between the left and right. To the left, everything is political. The right finds this to be abhorrent.

This is not to be confused with normal political action. After all, politicians do politics irrespective of their ideological leanings. What is meant here is a fundamental philosophical and world view difference.

On the far left, everything is political.

Dennis Clayson

Dennis Clayson

“Everything” includes morality, ethics, religious views, sex, race, gender, crisis, and even the law. The depth of this association is difficult for the average person to comprehend, and so most of us turn our heads and pretend that it just isn’t so.

But let’s take a closer look.

Immigration: We are told this is a moral and ethical issue, and to certain faith groups and to some humanitarians, it is. However, you can bet your next year’s entire salary on what would happen if the majority of immigrants to the United States decided this evening that they would vote only for Republican candidates. Democrats and their left-leaning backers would demand the closure of the border by next Monday.

Judges: Have you ever wondered why leftist groups will do almost anything to keep a conservative off the Supreme Court? Have you noticed how the media predicts the outcome of cases taken to federal courts? The pundits very seldom predict outcomes based on the law or even the Constitution, they base their predictions on the judges’ political pedigrees. They automatically assume that judges will rule based on their political leanings. In other words, the courts are political, which is as they should be if everything is political.

Equal rights: The Equal Rights Amendment (the ERA) was advanced 40 years ago as a means to give women equal rights. It didn’t pass. Does that mean that women do not have equal rights? Not at all. PEOPLE have equal rights. Some opposed to the ERA referred to it as the “Lawyers’ full employment amendment.” It was an unnecessary action, that if passed would have created civil mischief and some nasty negative effects. Why was it then proposed? Because of the backers’ love of freedom and rights for all? No. These types of movements are political. They put your opponents up against the wall so if they vote “no” they can be smeared in the next election as someone who doesn’t care about “women” and “equal rights.”

Currently, the Equality Act is going through Congress, which supposedly gives “equal rights” to members of the LGBTQ community. Members of this “community” already have the same rights as everyone else. The new law would give them unequal rights. For example, it would criminalize religious groups who currently have a “right” to practice their religion. It is an unnecessary proposal that politicalizes an apparently good cause. It too is a lawyer full employee act. But … it is wonderful politics.

Civil Administration: Governing and politics are not the same thing. In our current mishmash of political hype that fact gets hidden. If everything is political, then governing is based on political ends, irrespective of any reality. Note that cities that are run by the “everything is political” crowd are not run very well. While their leaders obey their political ideology rather than reality, Detroit, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and now Seattle are all sliding faster and faster down the slope of mismanagement. These cities should be some of the best places in the world to live, but a recent writer stated that there are now cities in the so-called third world that are safer, cleaner, and better run than Los Angeles.

The idea that everything is political should be abhorrent.

Dennis Clayson is a business professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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