On an earlier visit to Iowa, former Vice President Joe Biden expressed what many called a “gaffe.” Rather than expressing some confusion of thought, his statement actually revealed a reality that characterizes his party and the adoring media that fights tirelessly to put one of his party’s candidates into the White House.

Biden was reported as saying, “We choose truth over facts.”

Consistent with the media’s penchant for reporting what they want to hear, this was reported in several different versions. One media source indicated Biden said, “We believe in the truth instead of facts.” Another suggested, “We believe in facts, not truth.”

It all reminds me of a reporter who wrote an article on some research I was doing. He put quotes around statements I never made. When he was contacted and asked about it, he replied that he only stated what I meant to say.

Dennis Clayson

Dennis Clayson

The interesting thing about Biden’s gaffe is that it reflects a troublesome reality of the left. They do believe in truth over facts.

Simply replace the word “truth” with “ideology” and his statement becomes abundantly clear, keeping in mind that to the left the two words are synonymous.

Look at places where the left governs without opposition. Earlier this summer, an article about garbage pickup, homelessness, rats, and general chaos in Los Angeles summarized by stating that the city was rapidly descending to the level of a third-world city. A health official recently warned of the possibility of the plague returning because of the deteriorating conditions in Seattle, Portland and various California cities. Cases of leprosy have been reported in LA.

Detroit has almost ceased to exist as a 21st century city and Trump’s now famous description of Baltimore is a lot more accurate than the media would like you to know.

When it comes to governing, truth (ideology) is more important than facts.

Look at economics, especially when applied to governmental policies.

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In terms of facts, most of what the 1,743 Democrat presidential hopefuls espouse is worse than pure fantasy. Worse, because their “truth” will actually create havoc and deteriorating conditions.

Look at education. Who would claim that students are now better educated than they were 40 years ago? Who would suggest that college graduates are now more knowledgeable and able to contribute to the needs of society than those who graduated in the past? Someone who values the “truth” over facts?

As a matter of fact, there is almost no relationship between the amount of money spent on education and the output of education. The price has skyrocketed because of bureaucracy, unions, and trendy social experiments. It is hard to keep tuition at a low level, when “educators” rate diversity and inclusion more important than any other educational goal.

Then there is the problem of global warming and energy production.

Currently, there is no way to feed, house, and keep all the people on this planet without the use of fossil fuels. That is a fact. There is one viable alternative option, which is nuclear power production.

Modern methods have evolved over the last thirty years. The plants are safe, and they have the potential of mediating the effects of a possible EMP attack.

The response from our truth seekers: “NO … a thousand times no!”

Ideology is more important than facts.

A nation cannot have governmental safety nets and open borders at the same time. It is impossible. No problem; truth is more important than facts.

We can leave it to Biden, in moments of fatigue, or when piqued by some slight, to give us a gaffe or two that will tell us more about what the 1,743 candidates actually think than listening to hours of happy-chatter from younger candidates standing on a bale of hay in front of a sparse crowd in Lower Farmlot, Iowa.

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Dennis Clayson is a business professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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