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North Iowa residents attended a public forum on May 2 to address concerns about Alliant Energy's requested 25% rate increase.

Thank you for your followup article on 6/19 regarding utility rates. I don't know if this was prompted by my previous letter or many others; but it is appreciated.

You obviously got more response from Alliant than I could from logging in as one of their customers. I know that one cannot apply straight math to the figures you printed; but taking that simple approach it is interesting to predict that the 756 kwh stated by Alliant might only cost $77.91 with MidAmerica, or conversely the 851 kwh reported by MidAmerica MIGHT COST $139.58. A big difference in my world, even though just a theoritical situation.

I wonder if the Globe would be interested in taking this one more step considering what appears to be a better rapport between the Globe and these two companies than what customers have. Would you consider asking each company to produce a theoretical bill for 800 kwh, using Charles City for MidAmerica and Greene for Alliant. The closeness of these two towns should minimize the influences of taxes and electric transmission costs from the equation, leaving company production costs and service charges as the major factors in the dollar amounts they report.

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If there are rate caps in place for all of Iowa, one still must wonder how average bills can vary as you just reported.  

Robert Freund, Greene

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