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The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in the most important case on abortion rights in three decades. And by the direction of the comments and questions, the court could be headed toward a major, if misguided and dangerous, scaling back of constitutional protections under Roe vs. Wade.

I love it when past students of mine keep in touch with me. Whether they send a quick little message on Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram, it makes me feel good to connect with them. One past college student of mine, Leah, is so great about sending links to articles she knows I’d love, memes…

The recent decision by the Mason City School Board to remove the "Mohawk" moniker was well reasoned, honorable, and wise. This was a contentious issue for the school board to approach, and as a very proud alum (class of '71), I wholeheartedly agree with the decision and applaud them.

Mr. Cruz (Sen. Ted Cruz): Women in the military is a good idea, “It should be their choice” to fight and die for their country.

I am a 1975 graduate of Mason City High School, my sons graduated from MCHS in 2004 and 05. I currently have a granddaughter attending the MC public schools. I support the decision to change the name of the mascot. A couple of points:

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