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The 2022 Winter Olympic Games haven't even started yet, but you can already hear the song in your head, right? The cymbals, the bugles, the bass: "Bah, bah, bah-da-da-da-da, bahbahdadadadadadadada."

Our Olympics Newsletter, delivered directly to your inbox, will guide you through what is sure to be a newsy and interesting two weeks. China is a vastly different country than it was the last time it hosted the Games, in 2008. And in the middle of a global pandemic, it has been taking heavy precautions to try to clamp down on the Covid-19 virus.

As for the United States team, there are 114 men, 108 women, and one athlete who identifies as nonbinary — figure skater Timothy LeDuc — on the roster. The 223 athletes make up the second-biggest contingent the U.S. has ever sent to the Games.

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