Sports is about a lot more than the final score. In the past year, I have done my best to be at as many of North Iowa's big moments as possible, and tell the stories of the people and the teams that made those moments a reality.

A few of these stories are from the biggest moments of the year. Newman Catholic winning its third straight baseball state title. West Hancock proving its worth and earning a state championship for the first time since 1996.

Those moments were huge, and those involved will never forget them. 

All of these stories, though, are ultimately about people. The people who were a part of those games, and those who will talk about these moments for years to come. Ultimately, it is not the successes and the state championships that matter. It is about community, and people coming together for a common purpose, and attempting to accomplish their shared goal.

Sometimes, as with West Hancock and Newman Catholic, they succeed. Sometimes, as with the case of the Mason City Bats, they fall short. But the best part about the games we watch and care about, is how they can bring us together. The communities and the athletes they cheer for have been a lot of fun to watch and write about this year. I'm excited for many more big moments in 2020.