Jade Knight, of Des Moines performs at Mason City Pridefest at East Park in Mason City on Saturday. 

Equality, inclusiveness and freedom of gender expression are were celebrated.

The event, MC Pridefest, aims to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning community, known by the acronym LGBTQ+, as well as its allies.

Select comments from Globe Gazette stories and opinion pieces posted on our Facebook page:

If it doesn't pass, it'll just kill Mason City more. People will spend more time and dollars camping/vacationing/attending events in other communities where they can shoot off their own fireworks.

Allison Cannon 

What's the point, they couldn't keep people from shooting them off when they were totally illegal

Ben Jammin Janssen

Band Festival 

A big part of the issue is that so many school districts have consolidated....you use to have 3,4,5, or 6 separate bands from each school...now you just get 1. You'd have to attract schools from further and further away. Now, so many HS bands take trips to places like Chicago, New York, Florida, etc...would you choose MC over those places? Another issue schools have is when school has already finished for the year and often times, they can't get the students to come back for the event. They only get a handful of kids willing to participate, and it's not enough to make a marching band. If parents aren't cooperating and getting their kids to show up, they're just out of luck. I did think that this year's parade was one of the best I've seen in awhile! There were some great floats, but I miss the awesome ones that people use to make!

Carol Anne Basinger Meyer

Hi Everyone, I am the Band Festival coordinator and we send personal invitations to many schools (in Iowa and surrounding states). There may not have been as many marching bands as usual but they represented over 25 communities. We also offer a travel stipend for each participating school. We are working on increasing our numbers. This was my first year, now I will have the knowledge to go along with 2018 planning! If anyone has ideas or knows of interested schools don't hesitate to call me at the Chamber!

Kativa Eckholt

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God's covenant with Noah was demonstrated by a rainbow as a symbol that He would never again flood the earth to nearly wipe out humanity for their sinful ways. The homosexuals used religious appropriation and stole the rainbow from God. That won't turn out well for the homos.

Jeff Scully

It's amazing how some people can spend so much time and energy worrying and complaining about what other people do. Think of all the things they could accomplish for themselves if they invested that much energy into themselves.

Amber Bergeson 

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