America can force Mexico to pay for a wall along our southern border. President Trump’s proposed 20 percent tax on Mexican imports is but one of many ways.

Over $25 billion is wired from the U. S. to Mexico annually, much of it by illegals. Transfer facilitators like Western Union and Wal-Mart are subject to customer ID verification, but it hasn’t been enforced. That will soon change.

Via executive orders and modified regulations, Trump can dramatically reduce the amount of money wired there. This will hit Mexico hard. Prohibiting illegals from wiring funds will quickly bring the Mexicans to the table.

Trump can also extract a one-time payment of $5 billion to $10 billion from Mexico, by applying Rule 130.121 of the federal anti-money laundering rules.

A bill in Congress - the Remittance Status Verification act – requires verification of customer legality, and slaps a 7 percent fine per transfer. This can be raised to 20 percent. Twenty percent on $25 billion equals $5 billion, each year.

The GOP tax bill that slashes corporate tax rates contains a border adjustment provision. It imposes a 20 percent tax based on location of consumption, instead of location of production. Economist Martin Feldstein says this will bring in $120 billion annually. Mexico ran a $60.7 billion trade surplus with America in 2015; its 2016 trade surplus with us will be approximately $65 billion. Once this becomes law, Mexico must pay $13 billion in additional taxes to the USA each year, and couldn’t stop it.

The Federal Communications Commission can levy large fines on radio and TV networks that air commercials for money wiring services. America can also impound remittances and use the cash for the wall. The wall may cost up to $25 billion, but savings will also accrue by keeping out illegals.

Mexico has turned a blind eye to this illegal invasion, not only from Mexico, but also from its neighbors. They had little to lose, especially with Obama. But Trump is having none of it.

Arrested Illegals can also be made to help build the wall, just like with the bridge over the River Kwai. No work, no eat.

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Tens of thousands of U.S. citizens can also be employed. Mexico has gained much from the U. S., including a growing economy and a stable currency. But its government does us dirty, and makes pay for their liabilities. Brochures describing how to reach America and get welfare are distributed by Mexico’s government. Transit visas issued by Mexico to foreign nationals allow them to travel the length of that nation to cross into ours. That’s diabolical, and it must cease.

Some liberals say the wall is racist, which is nonsense. It’s about the rule of law.

Are pro-Trump Hispanics racists?

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Mexican President Pena Nieto says his country won’t pay for the wall, but Trump holds the cards. Absent America, Mexico would be a third-world nation, and Nieto has brought a rusty switchblade to a gunfight.

Tangling with Trump will play out for el Presidente’ Nieto like the Battle of the Alamo did for Davy Crockett. Texans say, "Don’t mess with Texas." But messing with the United States now means messing with Donald Trump, who recently warned Nieto that if Mexico won’t get rid of its “bad hombres”, then the U. S. military might pay them a visit.

Throwing down with Trump makes about as much sense as thugs in a "Dirty Harry" movie squaring off against inspector Callahan. It’s easy to imagine Trump saying, “Go ahead, make my day,” or “Better luck next time,” and backing it up with force. The media, and every Republican who took him on, and Hillary, found out the hard way that it’s not smart to mess with Donald Trump.

So, the message is: "Obtendra una pared, amigos. Pronto. Mexico va a Pagar, por la pared. La Paz."

Translation: You’ll soon get a wall, friends - and you’ll pay for it. Peace.

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Todd Blodgett served on the White House staff of President Ronald Reagan, and on the 1988 campaign staff of Vice President George H. W. Bush. He also worked at the Republican National Committee and for the FBI. Mr. Blodgett lives in Tyler, Texas, and Clear Lake, Iowa.


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