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Hampton prank
Officials at the Hampton-Dumont High School were greeted with around 13,800 plastic cups of water in the cafeteria Monday morning. Around 25 graduating seniors did the prank.

HAMPTON — Every graduating senior class hopes to leave behind a legacy.

Earlier this week some members of the Hampton-Dumont High School class of 2010 left theirs.

In the cafeteria Monday morning were around 13,800 plastic cups filled with water, arranged neatly on the floor.

The senior class prank was discovered by custodian Terry Buss around 6:30 a.m.

“It was just kind of startling,” he said. “I thought, oh, no.”

It didn’t take long to figure out who the culprits were. In the middle of the cups were chairs shaped to read “2010” and a note.

The note thanked the custodians for all of their hard work and $50 was left for the work they would have to do to clean up the prank, Buss said.

It ended up taking about three hours to clean the cups up, Buss said.

“It wasn’t funny at first, but you can chuckle at it now,” he said.

Principal Trent Grundmeyer said he got a chuckle out of it right away, but then became concerned about the situation.

“My first concern was ‘how did they get in the building?’ ” he said. “My second concern was ‘what else did they do in the building?’ ”

Nothing else was found amiss in the building and the students who executed the prank made sure of it, Grundmeyer said.

Fifteen of the 25 or so students who did the deed fessed up to it later in the day.

They told Grundmeyer they carefully planned it and made sure not to invite anyone who might vandalize the school.

“I respect the fact that the kids didn’t vandalize the school and respect the school enough to pull a prank but not cause damage,” he said.

Grundmeyer also said he respected the detail they put into it. It took them from 1 to 4 a.m. to complete it.

However, their deed did not go unpunished.

The school filed a report with the police and all of the seniors must complete at least three hours of community service.

Grundmeyer said they will be working on the football field bleachers with the maintenance crew and painting fire hydrants for the city of Hampton.

While the prank was relatively harmless, Grundmeyer wanted the seniors to know that the trespassing they did was wrong and to deter future pranks.

Buss and Grundmeyer said they will be checking doors more closely now and may invest in an alarm system for the school.

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