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Dear Mr. Dad: This Father's Day is over, but what advice do you have to keep dads involved every day? A: As someone who spends a lot of time doing research on and writing about fathers - and even more time trying to be a good dad - I agree that the fact that the one day per year that's dedicated to dads has passed doesn't mean that dads are any less important the other 364 days of the year. ...

Q: Our son is 13 and in the seventh grade. Last week he came home from school complaining about how a few of his friends have been bullying him. The same boys were at his birthday party just the weekend before and they seemed to get along fine. Sometimes they poke fun at him when he is hanging around girls that the other boys have either "dated" or currently like. I think he pokes them right ...

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Human Rights Watch called Wednesday on governments in the Americas and Europe to impose sanctions on Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and at least five high-level security officials for a crackdown on protests that began in April 2018.