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Mr. Taco

Luis Garcia, owner of Mr. Taco, works with his daughter, Annette Cansino, as they prepare lunch at their restaurant in Southbridge Mall in Mason City in 2016.

MASON CITY | By mid-January, Luis Garcia hopes to have third business open in the northern end of Southbridge Mall.

Garcia, who owns Mr. Taco and Mr. Churro, is currently working on The Sub Marine Soups and Sandwiches, which will be located where Subway recently closed.

Garcia said the idea for the business started when he realized many Southbridge Mall visitors come for sandwiches, and Subway offered to leave the equipment already there, minimizing startup costs.

He added one of the mainstays of the new place will be tortas, a Mexican sandwich which often includes refried beans, mayo and various kinds of meat. Garcia hopes that after The Sub Marine is up and running, he can start to bake his own bread.

Sub Marine soups and sanwiches

Luis Garcia, owner of Mr. Taco and Mr. Churro, stands in front of where Sub Marine Soups and Sandwiches will open.  

"I used to work in a bakery when I was a kid," he said. "And I don't think it's going to be difficult for me, because I'm used to doing a lot of different things."

Along with the tortas, he will offer other types of sandwiches, ranging from Cuban to Hawaiian to traditional American varieties.

Garcia added that while there will be challenges with running three businesses, there is one specific advantage — reducing wait times for customers.

"One of my mistakes when I was in Northwood was I was trying to do pizzas and tacos together, and that didn't work," he said. "That was a terrible mistake, because pizza takes 20, 25 minutes to cook ... and the tacos, you can make in 10 minutes."

The Sub Marine name comes from the traditional name for a sub sandwich, Garcia said. He is planning to create a naval decor for the shop, which he hopes to have open by the second week of January.

Rosita Cansino, one of Garcia's daughters, said she is excited for the new shop to open. She added that one of her sisters, Annette or Dali, will run social media for it. 

"We’ll try to come up with new flyers and to see if my dad wants to do any deals," Cansino said.

She also thanked the community for its continuing support, one of the main reasons Garcia is opening his third business in the mall.

"It’s just thinking how we started off with the taco truck and now we’re up to three businesses now," Cansino said. "There are some struggles, but we’re still expanding."

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