Dean Hilpipre

Dean Hilpipre appears in Hardin County District Court for sentencing in February. 

ELDORA | A Hardin County man sentenced to probation for sexually assaulting his 6-year-old granddaughter over a period of several years is now facing a civil suit.

Dean Hilpipre, 61, was sentenced last month to five years of probation for pleading guilty to lascivious acts with a child. He had initially been charged with two counts of felony second-degree sexual abuse, but that was amended to the lesser charge through a plea deal.

Attorney Roxanne Conlin, based in Des Moines, argued in court documents the pain and suffering that Hilpipre caused the victim, her mother Kasey Hilpipre, and others should entitle the family to damages of at least $1 million.

"The criminal justice system did virtually nothing to punish him and Plaintiff can never recover if her abuser is not made to pay for his intentional torts against her," Conlin wrote in a motion for an injunction. An intentional tort refers to civil wrongdoing, such as assault.

Kayla Burkisher Reynolds, a staff attorney in Conlin's office, said the civil suit and injunction was a step Kasey Hilpipre and her family members felt they needed to take following Dean's sentencing.

"I think that the family feels justice was not necessarily done," Reynolds said in a brief interview. "We do believe there is the basis for them to do this, and why we decided to file something in civil court."

Kasey Hilpipre in court

Kasey Hilpipre reads a victim impact statement in Hardin County District Court Friday. Hilpipre, a Clear Lake native, said it was "an injustice" Dean Hilpipre was sentenced to probation for sexually abusing her then-6-year-old daughter, who is his granddaughter. 

At Dean Hilpipre's sentencing last month, Kasey Hilpipre, the victim's grandmother and her older sister all delivered emotional victim impact statements detailing the abuse, which occurred in Dean Hilpipre's home in Alden and in the woods behind that property.

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One aspect that further shows Dean Hilpipre has the money to pay for damages is the fact he won a $100,000 prize from the state lottery in January, Conlin argued in the motion for an injunction.

She also stated Dean Hilpipre intends to move out of Alden and purchase a new house somewhere else with those winnings — and argued the court should issue an injunction, an order stopping the process, before it occurs. 

In a separate civil suit that was filed, Conlin further argued that Dean Hilpipre's actions warranted punitive damages. Those damages -- which exceed simple compensation -- are typically awarded at the court's discretion to punish a defendant who acts in a harmful manner. 

The victim will continue to suffer emotionally because of the way Dean Hilpipre abused her, she added.

"Defendant Hilpipre’s grooming and molestation of (victim's initials) went beyond the bounds of decency and beyond what can be tolerated by a civilized society. His conduct was extreme and outrageous," Conlin argued in the civil suit.

As of Wednesday morning, a decision had not been made on the injunction, and a response had not yet been filed for the civil suit.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story has been updated to include comment from one of the plaintiff's attorneys.

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