As a way to keep citizens apprised of the larger projects that it's up to, Mason City officials maintain a "Capital Improvements Program" for current and forthcoming fiscal years.

The program itself not only includes the relevant years for the specific project but also how much it will cost, what department it is for and what the justification is for it. 

For instance, a police building security project is listed in the program with a projected cost of $150,000 over one year. It's listed as being financed with the city's GO Bonds and is being done to allow for better surveillance of the building as well as increase parking.

In the myriad projects, there are several water-related proposals that the city is planning, projecting or forecasting including a water main extension job along South Monroe.

City Engineer Mark Rahm expounded on the rationale for these projects and helped give a little backstory as well.

Remote Radio Read Water Meters

Listed project cost: $1,000,000 (over five years listed)

Year range: 2018-2023

What's it about: Installing remote radio read water meters in residential, business and industrial applications throughout the city.

Insight from Rahm: Project was started in 2010 and this is the ninth year for it. The city is about halfway through the program and is looking to start in August and be done in nine months. Before that, remote read water meters have never been citywide they've just been a continuous maintenance issue. The change will mean that it won't be necessary to go to each business and house to do readings.

Drill and develop Well #15

Listed project cost: $2,300,000

Year range: 2020-2021

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What it's about: Drilling and developing a new well in the Georgia Hanford Park area to improve the water supply and pumping system.

Insight from Rahm: This particular one is a future project. There hasn't been a well in the Georgie Hanford Park area before. A regional study of the Jordan aquifer is currently wrapping up that will help the city to determine, in the future, where to set up well locations. It could be that the well ends up somewhere else.

Water Main Replacement Project

Listed project cost: $1,600,000 (over four years)

Year range: 2019-2023

What it's about: Replacing deteriorated water mains in specific locations throughout Mason City.

Insight from Rahm: This one is more of a generalized project that can contains two projects. There is the water main replacement on South Monroe as well as the restoration of the water main at Sixth Street Southwest (under the UP Railroad) that is starting up soon. South Monroe should be for about $130,000 while Sixth Street Southwest should be for about $90,000.

Storm Water Subdrain

Listed project cost: $900,000 (over five years).

Year range: 2018-2023

What it's about: Installing subdrain and storm water related materials that should allow for residents to connect sump pumps to the city's storm system.

Insight from Rahm: It picks up and deals with a number of issues which are smaller projects.

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