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Editor’s note: The Globe Gazette asked the eight candidates in the Sept. 20 Mason City Council special election why they decided to run for the open at-large seat. Today we feature the response of Jacob Krueger.

Ultimately, the decision to run for City Council was to make a difference in our city. I want to see our city grow and flourish like it has the potential to do. How our city will grow and flourish is up to us as a community. First and foremost, this begins with choosing the proper leadership heading up our city.

I, Jacob Krueger, am that person. As an entrepreneur and landscaper for almost 10 years, I have had to be a self-starter who genuinely listens to what someone is saying and turn that into a reality.

As a dispatcher for Cerro Gordo County, I learned how to keep my composure in emergency situations while multi-tasking, maintaining control and giving clear, precise direction.

As an employee, I have learned to listen and do what is expected of me by the employer, and by doing this, becoming an invaluable employee.

As your council member, I will be a self-starter who listens to the community and acts accordingly. I will not lose my composure or misrepresent you by my actions. I believe a good leader was first a good follower.

None of these things are new to me; these things have been a part of my core belief for years. These qualities did not pop up conveniently when I decided to run for Mason City Council.


I was 21 when I first heard the six “P’s” to success. This has rang true in my life since. I believe if the city is performing poorly in an area, it is due to improper preparation or foundation in that area. Simply put, we need to re-examine and/or correct the issue.

The future of Mason City is bright.


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